Jim Morrison still lives in Venice

Jim Morrison's face is graffiti'd all over Venice. Most people don't really know who Jim was, besides knowing of his rockstar legacy. Most people don't love his music, a very specified taste for a disturbed dark corner at times. Jim was a Venice local. He survived off cans of beans and LSD while wrapping up at UCLA. The mere thought of having Jim Morrison as a friend would baffle me, but yet, we are most likely living amongst the modern day Jim Morrison's of our age - just in different forms. All wild children full of grace, saviour of our human race, to be here and express an authentic life full of creativity, and shock. People love shock. Disrupt, disrupt, disrupt....

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Burning Man, Society, Consumerism

Society is adopting burning man principles, but what does this mean for us within commerce? The principles of burning man and decommodication are established in the pursuit of experiences over brands. At a distant point in time, brands did not exist. Villagers would walk around marketplaces, or placed in the moment of acquiring goods themselves. There has been a huge primal gap in how we observe, experience, and buy products - and we’re finally in the era of recalculating what it means to be a consumer. Consumerism has been driven by the Coca Cola ad campaigns, usually on a hot summer day with an even hotter girl sipping the ice cold beverage. There was no attention how or why people were...

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1107 Abbot Kinney

The doors to 1107 We knew Abbot Kinney would be the street, but we didn’t know 1107 would be the address. We set out to create a clubhouse, a space where the minds of Venice could gather, experiment, and live their life to a new rhythm. Coral House served as the middle ground for emerging brands and innovators, existing right where story meets experience. Let’s dive down memory lane, shall we?  On Nov. 1st, 2019, Coral House opened its doors. The doors of perception, they called it.. A doorway into a home, seemingly older home, made of old natural wood from the 1930’s - some painted black & white, some untouched. The wood floors creaked every so slightly, giving character...

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