1107 Abbot Kinney

The doors to 1107

We knew Abbot Kinney would be the street, but we didn’t know 1107 would be the address. We set out to create a clubhouse, a space where the minds of Venice could gather, experiment, and live their life to a new rhythm. Coral House served as the middle ground for emerging brands and innovators, existing right where story meets experience. Let’s dive down memory lane, shall we? 

On Nov. 1st, 2019, Coral House opened its doors. The doors of perception, they called it.. A doorway into a home, seemingly older home, made of old natural wood from the 1930’s - some painted black & white, some untouched. The wood floors creaked every so slightly, giving character and intent to each step taken. You turn left into the house, and your eyes are pinned to 3 of our first branded installations - Friends of Friends, Hilani, and MudWtr.

To the left you saw Friends of Friends, with shelves of hats that can literally make anyone’s ‘bad-hair day’ look good. The founders, Amy and Brett, carry the mission to have lifestyle fashion to not just be dope, but sustainable. 

In the opposing corner, your eye glaze over to Hilani - the CBD mental wellness tincture. A curvy green couch, tropical plants, and a 4ft. cutout of Hilani herself (she’s basically the mental health super hero of tomorrow) and as much Hilani to experiment as possible. The founders, Lincoln and Mikey, believe in a world where we can live and feel balanced, with a helping hand to the world’s top cbd, adaptogens, and an assortment of rosemary, lemon, and other herbs.

Before you walked up stairs, you passed the MudWtr station - the one-stop shop to your day’s focus. As you filled your eco-friendly cup of Mud, with a dash of Laird’s coconut creamer, you are now ready to work. 

During the week, you focused mostly around coworking and lounging, with our multiple areas that molded to your lifestyle needs. Upstairs, you had the option of choosing which poof, couch, or pillows to lay in as you answered some calls and got a little work done. To activate some creativity, you wandered into the backyard to sit by the running pond with koi fish swimming and the birds chirping above you nestled into the eucalyptus trees. And as the sun set, so did your schedule. 

As you entered the night, you attended one of our mindfulness sessions or mixer events. Mondays were famous for the Cocao Ceremonies filled with sound-baths, breath-work, and guided meditations to set your intentions for the week, knowing you’d finish your week with Funk Friday's. Funk Friday’s was the communities hub for Friday night, a place where people had the option to either indulge in some alcohol with our MatchaRita’s - or pass up the booze for something better, like Recess, a MatchaBar Hustle, or some alkaline water - and most importantly, have a space to relax and connect in a multi-colored music-filled clubhouse.

From there, you rejoiced in conversations with some new and familiar faces. Whether you met the founder of your favorite toothbrush company, the YouTube influencer you’ve been watching since 11th grade, or the model that just produced your favorite environmental activism movement - there was always something new for you to learn from. 

As the days carried on, you began to understand the Coral ecosystem. There is a world where your work life, wellness life, and social life can all hangout under one roof, making the world a little smaller with each connection made. A mixture of the top brands innovating the product space, the people pushing those movements forward, and the environment to make it all come alive. These were the principles of Coral House, the first of its kind, and the last to Abbot Kinney.