Jim Morrison still lives in Venice

Jim Morrison's face is graffiti'd all over Venice. Most people don't really know who Jim was, besides knowing of his rockstar legacy. Most people don't love his music, a very specified taste for a disturbed dark corner at times. Jim was a Venice local. He survived off cans of beans and LSD while wrapping up at UCLA. The mere thought of having Jim Morrison as a friend would baffle me, but yet, we are most likely living amongst the modern day Jim Morrison's of our age - just in different forms. All wild children full of grace, saviour of our human race, to be here and express an authentic life full of creativity, and shock. People love shock.

Disrupt, disrupt, disrupt. That's what Silicon Valley has stated over and over again, we must disrupt an industry in order to dominate it. Shake it to its core so we can fully deliver the next generation. That is what Jim Morrison did for anyone who saw the Doors, as he was most like on more LSD than the crowd was, living in his own little world but knowing how much influence he swung over the minds below him. He served as an idol of disruption - imagine hearing that voice coming right out of the jazz era? it would the equivalent of dark techno. Tough on the ears at first, but puts you in a trance that lets you understand shit in a lens or realm that has yet to be touched by your mental conquests.